Born August 25, 1959 in Lodz, Poland
Living in Paris since September 1987

1979 – 1985
Studied at the Visual Arts College in Lodz, Graphic Arts Department, major: poster (in Prof. Boguslaw Balicki's studio)
1986 – 1987
Received the Polish Ministry of Culture and Arts stipend for young artists
1988 – 1993
Worked at graphic design agencies in Paris
Since 1994 an independent graphic designer

• Individual Exhibitions

2016 · The Gallery Zamek, "Michal Batory – Retrospective", Reszel, Poland
2016 · BUW, "Michal Batory & publishing house Drzewo Babel", Warsaw, Poland
2015 · Roi Doré Gallery, "Michal Batory 50 posters" Paris
2015 · Michal Batory, Lublin, Poland
2014 · Michal Batory, La Puebla, Mexico
2014 · Gallery Jola Sidi, "Images Untitled", Paris
2012 · The Gallery Rirreina, Image Centre, La Rambla, Barcelona
2012 · Open air Gallery Krolewskie Lazienki, Warsaw, Poland
2011 · Roi Doré Gallery, Paris
2011 · Les Arts Décoratifs, Paris
2010 · Quito, Guayaquil, Equator
2008 · Uliczna Galeria obrazu UGO / VENA, Piotrkowska Street, Lodz, Poland
2006 · Media Enghien-les-Bains, France
2006 · Laval University in Quebec, Canada
2005 · Cultural Centre in Douarnenez, France
2005 · The University of Chonching Beijing, China
2005 · Poster Museum in Wilanow, Warsaw, Poland
2004 · Anatome Gallery, Paris
2004 · FNAC St-Lazare, Paris
2000 · University of Paris X
1999 · Typografica Gallery, Brussels
1991 · "Mévoire" Philippe Gallery Ghent, Paris

• Collective Exhibitions

2013 · "B & B" with Michel Bouvet, La Paz, Bolivia
2012 · "Sarajevo 2014", Sarajevo
2014 · "Celebrating Paris" as part of "The Day Graphics", Paris
2011 · "Graphics, 2000 "Bibliothèque Nationale de France, Paris
2007 · International Poster Triennial in Sophia, Bulgaria
2001 · "100 years of Toulouse Lautrec "Centre Georges Pompidou, Paris
2001 · " 20 posters for the 20th Music Day", Centre Georges Pompidou, Paris
1998 · "100 years of Bertolt Brecht," Berliner Ensemble, Berlin
1997 · "Spirit on" BNF, Paris
1997 · « VIIIth Poster Exhibition" The Poster Museum in Wilanow, Warsaw
1996 · "French Designers" exhibition in Poland around the Poster Biennial, Warsaw, Krakow, Lodz, Wroclaw, Poznan 1994 · "Hiroshima after math" exhibition organized by The Peace Movement, France, Japan, Switzerland, USA
1993 · "70 posters for the right to dignity of ordinary prisoners", Centre Georges Pompidou, Paris
1993 · "French characters" editing work, Glasgow, Great Britain

• Achievements

2013 · Visual Communication for Blanca Li, Theatre des Champs Elyses, Paris
2012 · Design of two stamps and two envelopes stamped for the Polish Post, 350,000 copies of each, Warsaw
2012 · Visual Communication Museum Krolewskie Lazienki, Warsaw, Poland
2012 · Visual Communication for the Ballets de Monte Carlo, Monaco
2011 · Visual Communication for Theatre du Peuple Bussang
2010 · Visual Communication for the Drawing Room, Paris
2009 · Visual Communication for the Opera Nova, Bydgoszcz, Poland
2009 · Festival "in Paris every letter" poster and Communication, Paris
2006 · Creation of the graphic line for the Forum Les Halles, Paris
2005 · Creation of the graphic line for CDA95, Enghien-les-Bains
2004 · Completion of the book "150 Years of Advertising" for UCAD
2004 · Completion of the book "Pictures click and pigeon flies! "Dessain and Tolra editions
2002 · Exhibition Graphics "Victor Hugo, Luxembourg walker" Senat / BNF, Paris
2001 - 2008 · Creation of the graphic design (posters, publications) for the National Theatre of Chaillot, Paris
2001 - 2003 · Posters for Arsenal, Metz
2001 · Creation of three CD collections for Radio France
2000 · Visual communication (poster, invitation) for the exhibition "Living Nature", MNHN, Paris
2000 · Graphics exhibition "100 Years of the Subway" and its graphic line (posters, publications) House of the RATP, Paris
1999 · Graphic Line (posters, publications, press) for Marne Festival
1999 · Graphic Line (posters, publications, press) for the event "Time of Change" of CNMHS, Paris
1999 · Graphics of the exhibition "The Page" BNF, Paris
1998 · Graphic Line (posters, publications, CD) to the Festival "Agora
1998", IRCAM / Théâtre des Bouffes du Nord, Paris
1997 · Visual Communication of the exhibition "La Serre, Future Garden" at the Museum of Science and Industry, La Villette, Paris
1997 · Visual Communication exhibition "distinguished Letters" at the Postal Museum, Paris
1997 · Graphic design and visual communication of the exhibition "New image, new networks" at the Museum of Science and Industry, La Villette, Paris
1996 · Creation of the book "Read IRCAM" (the history of IRCAM)
1996 · Creation of the graphic line (posters, publications, CD) to IRCAM and the Ensemble Intercontemporain
1995 · Start of collaboration with the publishing house Drzewo Babel (Book covers, visual communication), Warsaw, Poland
1995 · Production of a book "The profession guide, for young graduates » for Larousse editions
1995 · Implementation of several brochures for the Centre Georges Pompidou
1997 · Creation of the graphic line (posters, publications) for the National Theatre on the Hill
1995 · Graphics exhibition "Space" at the Museum of Science and Industry, La Villette, Paris
1994 · Graphics of the exhibition "The silver wire" at the Museum of Science and Industry, La Villette, Paris

• Price

2010 · Award at International Poster Biennial, Mexico for the poster of the book "The Winner of Solitude"
2008 · IIIrd Biennial International Poster price, Mexico to show "Piano Follies"
2008 · Silver Medal at the International Poster Biennial, Chicago, USA, for the show "Piano Follies"
2004 · Ist prize at the International Festival of Chaumont, poster for the show "PowerBook" Chaumont
2001 · IIIrd prize for displays "Agora" at the International Poster Triennial, Sophia, Bulgaria
1999 · IInd prize at the International Festival of Chaumont, poster for the poster IRCAM-EIC
1998 · National Grand Prize of the Cultural Displays, France, for the poster "The Leningrad Headquarters"
1998 · IIIrd prize in "Childhood is not a child's play," the Poster Museum in Essen, Germany
1996 · Chaumont Poster Festival, audience prize for the poster "The woman on the bed"

• Exposure Commissioner

2014 · JanPing He and U.G. Sato at Open air Gallery Krolewskie Lazienki, Warsaw, Poland
2013 · Michel Bouvet and Alain Le Quernec at Open air Gallery Krolewskie Lazienki Warsaw, Poland

• Bibliography

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